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ergonomic chairs

Is Your Office Chair Being a Pain in the Back?

I have gone through a number of chairs over the years, as I, usually am working very long hours at my desk, so comfort...
Motor vehicle Act 1988

Motor Vehicles Act 1988

Replacing of Act of 1939, this Act (59 of 1988) came into force from 1-7-1989. It was amended in 1994. It extends...
Rlshumancare giveaway April

RLS HUMAN CARE Giveaway for the regular reader.

We will try that for our regular readers will be given some gifts each month. These gifts can be anything like T-shirts,...

PESO Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation

What is PESOPESO is a government body which works under the Government of India. Its main work is...

Weight capacity of safety harness

Safety harness capacity range-(Load Capacity of safety harness)User weight range -58.967 KG. To 140.614 KG. (always Remember only...
Manual handling safety tips

Six steps for Safe Manual Handling

Safety in Manual material Handling(Six steps for Safe Manual Handling) Improper ways of manual lifting may cause...
Cost of accident

Cost and consequences of accident

With the growth of industries and widespread use of mechanization. The chances of workers being trapped into accidents are common. Accidents in...
Electric welding safety

Safety while using electrical welding machines

There are basically two types of electric weldingElectric Arc WeldingElectric Resistance weldingElectric arc welding
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