24 Safety checks to perform before putting your crane in operation

  • Hook and Hook latch.Hook and hoo latch of crane
  • Over hoist limit switch.Over lomit switch of crane
  • Boom limit switch.boom limir cut off switch of crane
  • Boom angle indicator.boom angale indicator of crane
  • SLI Indicator (Safe load Indicator).SLI safe load indicator of crane
  • Boom limit cut off switch.boom limit cut off switch of crane
  • Condition of boom.crane boom condition
  • Condition of wire sling.condition for crane wire

  • No of Load lines.oad line of crane
  • Stability of crane.stablity of crane
  • Swing brake and lock.swing lock and break of crane
  • Hoist brake and lock.hoist break and lock
  • Boom brake and lock.boom break of crane
  • Main clutch of crane.
  • Leakage in hydraulic cylinder.eakage in hydraulic cylinder of crane
  • Out rigger fully extendable.crane outrigger
  • Condition of battery and lamps.Crane battery
  • Guards of moving part.Guards of moving part of crane

  • Load chart provided.load chart of crane
  • Reverse horn.
  • Load test certificate of TPI.
  • Operator fitness.
  • Fire extinguisher in operator cabin.
  • Tyre condition.

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