FIRE WORKS SAFETY | Tips for a safe Diwali

The “Festival of “DIWALI” fun, joy, and togetherness. Children and youth eagerly look forward to the arrival of the festival. In fact, they begin bursting of Patakha/Bomb and playing with fireworks well before the festival. Dipawali marks the triumph of good over evil and dispels darkness. Unfortunately, improper handling and playing with fireworks put a damper on the celebrations every year. Every year a large number of people across our country lose their eyesight and major burns during the festival. Property is also damaged in mishaps. So, as a proactive measure, we have decided to wear our hearts on our sleeves and pass on
some do’s and don’ts to prevent fireworks-related mishaps during the coming Diwali festival. (Tips for a safe Diwali)

Tips for a safe Diwali

Safety for safe diwali


  • Parents should always supervise the use of fireworks by children.
  • Check the area before igniting fireworks to ensure that all flammable and combustible materials are removed.
  • Follow all safety precautions issued with the fireworks.
  • Use incense stick to ignite fireworks. They burn without an open flame and provide a long and safe distance between your hands and the fireworks.
  • Use fireworks only outdoors. Keep a bucket of water and sand nearby to extinguish any incipient fire.
  • Light only one firework at a time.
  • Wear protective goggles while bursting fireworks to prevent eye injuries.
  • Firecrackers, bombs, and flowerpots should not be lighted while holding them. Move away quickly before they burst.
  • Hold lighted sparklers away from the body.
  • Flying fireworks like rockets should always be lighted in open grounds and not around high rise towers.
  • Preferably wear thick cotton clothing.
  • Store fireworks in a cool and dry place.


Diwali firecrackers safety

  • Never give fireworks to small children.
  • Never ignite fireworks while holding them. Put them down, then burn them and walk away.
  • Never buy substandard quality firecrackers. These may malfunction or could pose hidden dangers while using them.
  • Never carry fireworks in your pocket. Do not put fireworks in any bottle/box to ignite.
  • Never mix anything with the Barud of fireworks or make fireworks at home.
  • Never ignite aerial fireworks where overhead obstruction (trees, wires, etc.) may interfere with their trajectory.
  • Never re-burn a firework which has not burn properly.
  • Never throw or point fireworks at other people.
  • Never place the earthen lamps near any flammable material like wood, cloth or paper.
  • Don’t wear synthetic clothing.
  • Don’t light flying sky fireworks if there is a high wind speed.
  • Never store flammable liquids at homes such as Petrol kerosene and diesel.

In Case of an Accident:

If iny accident in diwali what we do

How to treat firecreckers burn

  • Minor burns can be treated by running cold water the affected area.
  • In case someone’s clothing catches fire, Stop-Drop-Roll to put out the flames.
  • In case of eye burns, wash the area with water for 10 minutes and seek medical attention.
  • Consult the doctor if any medical treatment required.

Final word

Throughout the celebrations remember to keep a watchful eye on your children to keep them out of harm’s way. If you are or
lighting fireworks yourself remember to follow all the above safety tips.

“Wishing you a Happy, Safe and Prosperous DIWALI”

Wishing for safe diwali

Be aware of the hazards and risks while handling firecrackers. Ensure adequate safety measures are taken to eliminate any untoward accidents.

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