Handling of Flammable Gases

Handling of Flammable Gases

Gases are generally contained in cylinders in the compressed liquefied or dissolved state Flammable gases will pose the hazard when they leak or escape from their containers. Also when a gas is subjected to a high pressure, it could burst the container with serious Consequences. In handling and storage it must be ensured that the cylinders are protected from damage or deterioration and heat. Some of the precautions to be taken are outlined below. Handling of Flammable Gases

Handling of Flammable Gases

Cylinders should not be dropped, dragged rolled on their side or permitted to strike one another or other surface violently. When removable caps are provided for valve protection, such caps should be in place at all times expect when cylinders are in use. It is safer to use suitable trucks to move them even through short distances. They must not be lifted by their cap or with the aid of rope or chain slings. A safe cradleion platform with guard rails should be used for the purpose. Cylinders should not be used as rollers, or supports for any purpose other than to contain the contents as received.

Handling of Flammable Gases

Storage room for the cylinders should be dry, cool and well ventilated. Where practical, they should be of fire resistant construction. Highly flammable solvents, combustion waste materials, corrosives and cylinders of oxygen should not be stored near cylinders containing flammable gases. In outdoor locations they should be kept off the ground on a raised concrete pad or non-combustible rack and sheltered from sun by means of non-combustible canopy.

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