Hazards in Welding & Cutting

  • Fire:- Ignition of combustible material.
  • Explosion :- Explosion may occurs inside the tank.
  • Burn.
  • Noise:- Level more than 90dB(A).
  • I. R. / U.R. Radiation :- Skin burn, Red Eye & Metal fume fever.

Safety Measures:-

  • Welding and cutting operation should not be permitted in or near hazardous locations.
  • Electric shocks protection by using proper PPEs.
  • Use of work permit system in Hazardous locations.
  • Ventilation, safety belt while working at height.
  • Use of necessary PPEs like full body apron, leg apron (leather)
  • Maintain good housekeeping.
  • Only trained and qualified person allow for welding and cutting activities.
  • Proper supervision.
  • Toolbox and STA briefing conducted before start the job.
  • Fire extinguisher must be available.
  • Fire and emergency control contact no¬† displayed at site.
  • Walkway and emergency exit route must be clear ( without any obstruction).

Cylinders Safety:-


  • Do not temper with safety device of cylinder.
  • Don’t use cylinders as rollers, support or any purpose other than contains gas.

Sling, chain or rope should not be used for handling cylinders


  • Cylinder should stored in dry, well ventilated place and away form source of ignition / heat /electrical fitting.
  • Oxygen cylinders are to be stored 20 feet away from flammable materials.
  • Cylinders should be separated by a fire restive partition of at least 5 feet height.

Using cylinders safety :-

  • Using cylinders in up right position and secure them falling & collision.
  • Cylinder should be at least 12feet away from the job.
  • Never use oil or grease as a lubricants on valves attachment of oxygen cylinder.
  • Leaking gas cylinders should be taken out of use immediately .
  • Don’t permit sparks , molten metal , electric current, excessive heat or flame to come in contact with cylinder or attachment.
  • Gas cylinder valve must be closed, when work is completed.


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  1. Safety should regarded above progi making, consciously considers before industrial expansions to another environment and employers should safety equipped.
    This blog is like working PRACTICALLY in a workshop or on a construction dite

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