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Machine Guard repairing


Section 21 of the Factories Act states that the guards shall be constantly maintained and kept in position. Such maintenance is obviously...
Ergonomics of machine guarding RLS


Meaning of Ergonomics:As explained by W.T Singleton in ILO Encyclopaedia, the literal meaning of 'ergonomics' is the study,...
Power Press machine

Power Press

Power Press (Rule 54 Sch. 6):Applicability: This schedule applies to all of the power presses including press brakes...
Saw machine guarding rules

Guarding of Ginning, woodworking and rubber machines

MachineDangerous PartsTypes of GuardsILine shaft to run the gins(Cotton Ginning (Sch. 2)Line shaftWall or fencing with locking doors.IIWoodworking...
Machine guarding for textile industry

Guarding of textiles machines

Name of the machineGuard/Device Suggested1.General requirements1.Individual Starting/Stopping device in safe position.2.Belt shifting lock.3.Guards on all moving parts.2.Openers/pickers1.Interlock guards/doors...
Fix guard

Types of machine guarding

Types of Guards and Selection:Various types of machine guards available for machine guarding. their suitability should be selected....
Surat Fire Case Study

Surat fire incident case study

Surat (Gujarat) Fire Incident 2019 - Case Study and LearningsIncident Brief Detail of surat Fire incident

Ozone Depleting Substances (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000

U/s 6, 8 & 25 of the Environment (Protection) Act 1986, these rules were made. They came into force from 19-7-2000.
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