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Cost of accident

Cost and consequences of accident

With the growth of industries and widespread use of mechanization. The chances of workers being trapped into accidents are common. Accidents in...
Electric welding safety

Safety while using electrical welding machines

There are basically two types of electric weldingElectric Arc WeldingElectric Resistance weldingElectric arc welding
Fraud safety job team in Kerala

Fraud safety team in Kerala

Breaking News: Fraud safety team in Kerala, India were arrested. A lady called Saishana was arrested when police got the information...
Accident measurement formila Severity rate

Measurement of accident

Most statistical analyses of accidents are based on either frequency or severity or both. The standard frequency rate represents the number of disabling injuries...

Industrial toxicology

Industrial toxicology is the scientific and systematic study of poisonous substances or toxics with reference to industries. In industries the workmen may have to...
Safety management basic details

[Main] Principle of industrial safety management

The condition principles of industrial safety management may be summarized as follows:The managers, supervisors and workmen should...
Hazardous chemical safety

Hazardous materials and chemical safety

Industrial processes involve use of chemicals and hazardous materials. Hence, safety considerations and control are highly warranted. The raw materials used in...


PPE For any accident prevention work, engineering control is the best control, and aid of personal protective equipment (PPE) should be the last resort or...
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