Personnel protective equipment can save the person from danger PPE are provided to employees (workers) concerned to control the severity of the accidents to the permissible limit.

PPE do not eliminate hazard these equipment are deigned to interpose an effective barrier between a person and harmful objects/substance the use of PPE is an administrative control to reduce hazard to acceptable level and hence PPE should be used as last line of defense.

Two types of PPE

A. Respiratory PPE

B. Non respiratory PPE

Respiratory PPE

1. Air purifying respirators.

2. Air supplying respirators.

3. Self contained breathing apparatus.

Air purifying respirators:- Air purifying respirators these clean the contaminated air before it is breathed in. Dust respirator:- This filters the dangerous dust particles, mists, sprays, fumes etc.Canister gas mask:- This can only be used in atmosphere not deficient in oxygen and not containing more then 2% by volume of toxic gases. Capacity- 30 minutes Kits of canister type gas mask- hydrogen sulfide kit (h2s), CO kit, chlorine kit, Ammonia kit, Co2 kit, sulphar di oxide kit (so2), Universal kit.Chemical cartridge respirator:- This is like canisters the cartridge are filled with appropriate chemical to absorb gases/vapors. this is a non emergency respirator and it should not be used in an atmosphere deficient in oxygen. this is recommended for low concentration of gases (max of 0.1%)

Air supplying respirators:-

In these fresh breathable air will be supplied to the wearer the different types are as follows:

Air line respirator:- It consist of a face piece to which clean compressed air is supplied continuously through a small diameter rubber hose. the excess air entering the face piece as well as exhaled air escapes to the atmosphere. air line respirator provides protection as long the air supply is available, the wearer's travel is restricted by the length of the air supply hose.Suction hose mask:- It consists of a full face piece connected to a large diameter flexible hose. the wearer draws in air by his own breathing effort. the hose is attached to wearers body by safety harness air be drawn in by respiratory effort of the were up to 30 feet length of the hose.Pressure hose mask:- This is similar to suction hose mask except that the air is forced by a hand or motor operated blower. the blower is to be operated continuously while the mask is in use care should be taken that the air supply is respiration-able.Resuscitator:- This is also come under an termination positive pressure respirator. this is very handy during emergency.

Self contained breathing apparatus:-

This equipment provides clean respiration-able air or oxygen to the wearer from the compressed air or oxygen cylinder which is an internal part of the apparatus. the air cylinder is mounted on a metal frame to be supported on the back of the wearer by harness and belt.

Non respiratory protective equipment

Head protection:-

Fiber helmet.Fiber helmet with face shield.fiber helmet with ear muffs.Fiber helmet with head light.

Face protection:-

Plastic/Pvc face shield.Welding helmet and shield.Asbestos hood.

Eye protection:-

Panorama goggles with clear plastic visor.leather mask googles.Spectacle type goggles.Spectacle type goggles with blue glass.Panorama goggles with green plastic visor.Gas-welding goggles.Acid and alkali proof goggles.Filter lens.

Ear protection:-

Ear plugs.Ear muffs.

Body protection:-

Leather apron.Pvc apron/suit.Lead apron.Leather pant.Leather jerkin.Safety belt.Safety harness.

Hand protection:-

Leather gloves.Acid and alkali proof rubber gloves.Canvas gloves.Lead gloves.Clean cloth gloves.Hand sleeves.Protective Barrier cream.

Leg protection:-

Leg guard.Leather safety boots.Asbestos safety boots.Slip-in-type safety boots.Gum boots.Anti-static footwear.Steel toe cap safety shoes.Ankle height safety shoes.

PPE associated with fall protection:-

Safety harness.Safety net.Fall arrester.Shock absorber.Life line.

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