Physiology is the science of dealing with functioning of laving organisms or their parts. Human physiology is study of the normal functioning of cells, tissues and organs of the human body. The science of physiology is related to Anatomy which the study of the structure of cells, tissues and organs of the human body. From an anatomical point of view, structure of the body can be classified into system which have particular functions. To understand the of physical and chemical agents on the body, we need to understand the normal functioning of organs or organ systems which, these agents target. The system of human body are skin, respiratory system cardiovascular system, nervous system, muscles, liver, kidney, gastrointestinal tract and ear. TI-Respiratory system, liver and GIT-defend the ill effects is of toxic substances.

Physiology be defined as that man as a working being. As a pure science it is branch of human biology and as end applied it applies physiological research methods.

(1) To useful information about physical working.

(2) To study means to improve them to light workers task while improving his productivity.

The branch of science dealing with physiological aspects of man at work is know work physiology. It has basic part,  a bra human biology and applied part industrial physiology. The object of industrial physiology is to carry out physiological research know about the working conditions and improvement methods to make work comfortable and to increasing productivity.

Therefore, it studies limit of work load in of physiological parameters such as oxygen, energy expenditures, heart rate, sweating rate temperature, muscular work, safe capacity of fitness etc. Environment parameters and work conditions such as temperature, humidity, working hours, clothing etc. Quantity and quality of food nutrients etc. And Involves test to measure criteria.

The period during which work continues know as the work period and the period which the physiological functions return to the are level is know as recovery period. The different between these two levels keeps estimate of physiological stress in performing a given task. In order to evaluate total physiological expenditure, one most physiological reactions both during the work. During the recovery period. A complete work includes physiological cost of work place.

The term ergonomics as used today the field of study previously know as applied physiology of work.

Anthropometry is concern with body composition and constitution and the dimensions the human body in relation to the machines, clothing industrial environment. Bio-mechanics study mechanical forces affecting upon anatomical structures during human movement parse or as a result of the interaction between and the physical environment.


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