Safety Tag System

IS: 8095 provides specification for,  accident prevention tags. The tags are used as a temporary means of warning employees of an existing hazard or to warn them not to Start any switch or operation, because some other person may be injured due to that. For example, while Working in any movable or rotational machine, tag on isolate switch is necessary To prevent wrong operation of any switch, valve, control etc” tagging is essential during repair it is more useful for new or untrained workers. They should not be used in place of or as substitute for accident prevention signs The tag shall be removed as soon as the hazard is removed eliminated. Do Not start tag on power machine should be provided till the repairing is over and then it should be removed Defective equipment tag shall be placed till the defect exists only. Accident prevention’s signs are of permanent nature, while the tags are temporary. For safety signs and colors see IS: 9457.

The tag should be in the language understood by the workers.

Some Safety Tag pictures:-

scaffolding tag
scaffolding tag system
scaffolding tag
Flange bolting tag
Flange bolting tag
Valve do not operate tag
Pipeline valve Tag for do not operate


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