System Model Theory

System Model Theory
System Model Theory

System Model Theory:

Similar to V.L Grose’s multiple causation theory, Bob Firenze developed a system model theory as under:

Here interaction between man, machine and environment (basic pre-elements for any accident) leads to an accident if the information available to the important element of the system is inadequate. If the risk is high and the decisions based on information are illogical and unsound, an accident occurs resulting into incompletion of the task. Bob Firenze’s system model is shown below:

System Model Theory

This necessitates the introduction of feedback system (as shown in diagram) to find out the faults/causes in man, machinery and environment. The information that the man possesses can be strengthened through training. The stressors can be precedent in the following from-

  1. Psychological stressors – Anxiety, aggressiveness, fatigue.
  2. Environmental stressors – Glare, temperature extremes and low levels of illumination also includes ‘Machine stressors’ like unguarded machine at the point of operation, transmission of power and other dangerous parts.
  3. Physiological stressor – Narcotics & Alcohol.
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