Hazard associated with work at height

The greatest hazard at the work at height because serious or severe accidents occur due to fall of person from working at height.

The work at height involves the following hazards…

Fall of person from elevated working platform.Fall of object/materials/tools in to the persons below on the ground.Contact with overhead services such as naked electrical wire.Equipment failure.

Safety precaution in working at height

Every employer should ensure that work at height is properly planned.

Planning of work includes planning for emergencies and rescue.Make sure communication is maintained at all the time.It is also essential to ensure that the persons doing the job at height are sound in health and do not suffer from vertigo or any other phobia of working at height.Make sure that you are at safe place and then concentrate on job.Maintain high stranded of house keeping because must of the slips and falls are caused by poor house keeping.Platform should be always free from tools and debris.Should not be allowed to work at height during storm and high winds.Site should be properly illuminated, workers should not be allowed to work at height during poor illumination.

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