WORK SITE HAZARD ASSESSMENT Shifting of material by tower crane

Tower crane safety AND Hazard






(Refer to PPE )

Individual Task

Use Risk

Identify Hazard’s associated with task

List of Sources

·    List procedures that apply

·    List appropriate engineering controls.

·    List procedures or other administrative controls.

List of measure

List appropriate PPE

Shifting of Material by use of Tower crane.




  • Fall of Material.
  • Non use of PPE’s.
  • Rash operating.
  • Work on overconfidence.
  • Use shortcut.
  • Not proper communication & signalling.


  • Not use of PPE’s.
  • Bad Housekeeping.
  • Lack of work knowledge.
  •  Listening of music on mobile.
  • Talking on mobile phone.


  • Site Engineer.
  • Safety Department Controls.
  • Site administrative Dept.
  • Proper Supervision.
  • Walkway free from Obstruction.
  • Check all part of tower crane before us
  •  Medical check up of operator.
  • 3rd party inspection of TC.
  •  Read site instruction.
  • Tool-Box-Talks.
  •  Proper training to signalman.
  • ·Making the worker aware of signal given by operator.
  • Display singed board.


Helmet, Safety-Belt, Safety Shoes, Fall- Arrest-or with guide rope, Goggles.


  1. sir i am a regular reader of your site, and a lots of safety practices i learnt from various article. Thanks for your dedication towards spreading Safety awareness and build a Safety culture. Si i need your contact number if possible pls share me . its urgent.

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